Transitioning to Germany – A Visual Journey

Hello Germany! Here we are – in our new home, our new life. Today is the second morning that I have a couple of hours to myself. The kids are in school and day-care, my husband is at work. And I finally feel like writing again and telling you a little bit about the past weeks and months and the process of transitioning to Germany. But where do I start?

transitioning to Germany

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Good-bye Chattanooga – Hello Summer

This is it: we moved out of our house yesterday, packed our bags and are ready (while also being totally exhausted) for our summer vacation.

I can tell you, moving week is not fun, especially not with two kids who may or may not know what’s going on. But my more experienced expat friend told me that moving week is the worst week of the entire repatriation process. So she better be right!!!

I’m going to take a couple of weeks off from blogging – to enjoy the summer and vacation time with my family, to think things through (or not), to create a new kind of normal, to prepare myself for coming back to Germany. I’m still going to share pictures of our trip to San Francisco, the California coast, Maui and a very brief return to Chattanooga on Instagram and Facebook, if you are interested to follow along. And I’ll see you back here in a couple of weeks.

I’m wishing you a great summer with your loved ones! 

Moving Day Then and Now

I’m sitting at the dining room table, surrounded by moving boxes, watching the movers carrying my life down the stairs to the shipping container outside.The driveway is covered in toys, boxes, furniture. It’s a crazy house! Of course today is not the time and day for deep thoughts and beautiful writing. But I can’t stop thinking about our moving day 5 years ago. The day that my blogging journey began with my first ever blog post for our private family blog, read only by family and friends. Oh the places we have seen since then, the people we have met, the experiences we have made! And how far we have come in those 5 years! But there are also so many similarities between moving day 2011 and moving day 2016, almost identical thoughts and feelings. So please scroll down to the first blog post (in German and also in English) I ever wrote:

Moving Day

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One More Week

One more week. By the time this gets published we are down to 5 more days. 5 more days until moving day! Well, I really thought I would write more about this transition process of going back to Germany. This crazy, somewhat unreal state-of-mind that I’m currently in and that I’ve been in for a while.

one more week

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72-Hour-Cake / Dreitages-Torte

Hello everybody! I’m quickly popping in today to say “hi” and to share a very special cake recipe with you (as repeatedly requested by my dear friends C and M). It’s my Mom’s  secret recipe for the most delicious cake that you’ve ever had: the 72-Hour-Cake / Dreitages-Torte! It doesn’t only taste good – it’s quick and easy and since you have to bake and assemble it three days before you will actually eat it, it is the perfect cake for busy moms, dads or busy people in general whose well-thought out plans might change from one minute to another. Enjoy and Guten Appetit!


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99 Things List – Another Update and a Few Random Thoughts


It’s been quite an emotional couple of days for me and my family: a farewell breakfast with my German-speaking friends, my daughter’s last day of school which included lots of tears and many emotional good-byes from classmates and her teacher, a beautiful mountain wedding followed by an even more teary good-bye from our American family. What can I say? This is a really really hard time for all of us. But we are hanging in there – somehow. We are taking one day at a time, one good-bye at a time while trying to continue living our normal life. As long as we can. Knowing too well that all of this is an unavoidable part of the repatriation process.

99 Things list Breakfast

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Link Love

Four more days of school and then that’s it! Summer will be here, no more crazy mornings whose outcome is determined by whether I come up with any creative ideas to get the kids out of bed or not, no more practicing sight words and hot-glueing projects on the weekends. And no more American classroom experience, at least for a while. It seems like it’s finally here, the season of lasts. – I hope you all had a great weekend!? We watched The Lorax and ate far too much delicious pork. But now on to my favorite links from around the web.

link love 8

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