Friday Link Love

Friday Link LoveThere were not that many things I missed when we lived in the United States. But once in a while a craving for Schaumküsse (chocolate covered marshmallow fluff on a waffle, pictured above) hit me out of the blue. A few times visitors from Germany did me a favor and placed these delicate treats carefully in an extra box, wrapped in layers of clothing so that they don’t get smushed. Now I’m back in Germany and I could eat Schaumküsse every day. Continue reading →

California and Hawaii with Kids

California and Hawaii with kids

Have you started planning your summer vacation? We have been browsing French travel sites and realized pretty quickly that we should have started the whole planning process a lot earlier. Many vacation homes are already fully booked! When I think back to last year though, we didn’t start the planning process that much earlier. And we still had the best trip ever!

Last summer (July 2016) we did an epic 3-week-family trip to California and Maui, Hawaii. At that time we were technically still living in Chattanooga, Tennessee, though our entire household was already stuffed in a shipping container and on the way to Germany. We didn’t have a home anymore and were in the transitional period of being neither here nor there. At that time – and even more now – I believe that this was the perfect time for THE trip. The once-in-a-lifetime, multiple locations, saving-money-is-for-later, keeping-my-mind-off-the-future-trip. We visited San Francisco – twice, traveled the California Coast on Highway 1, and jumped on a plane to paradise – to Maui, Hawaii. An epic trip with our kids (who were 6 and 3 at that time), the camera, and the address of a good coffee shop saved in my phone.

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10 Tips to Survive Repatriation


Yesterday, was Tuesday, January 31, 2017. Which means that we have been back in Germany for exactly six months. It’s not only this very specific mile marker of our repatriation journey (repatriation generally refers to the process of returning back to your country of origin) that made me reflect on the past six months. It’s also this statement that I heard from an expat wife and mom who just moved back to Germany at the beginning of 2017:

“All I’m doing right now is survive.”

This sounded so familiar… You just moved back to Germany and now you are stuck in a temporary apartment, living out of suitcases. Or you are surrounded by ceiling-high piles of moving boxes in a new house that does not feel like home. The kids are with you 24/7 because they don’t go to school yet. They cling to you – you are the only stability in their life that has been turned upside down. Your husband is absent, expected to sit in his office, tackling new, maybe even exciting challenges at work. Every day you put a smile on your little ones’ faces. You keep them happy, you keep them busy. Because this is what moms do. You take care of as many things at home as you can so that your husband can focus on his job. Because this is what you did as an expat wife, too. Right?

But what about you? Your life has turned upside down, too! And now it’s back to square one. If you want to or not. What about you? Your dreams? Your plans? Your future? When will it be your turn again?

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Friday Link Love

link love

Today I have another round of Friday Link Love for you – my favorite links that are too good to not be shared. Above you see my favorite family moment of the week: the Sunday afternoon that we spent ice-skating on the frozen lake in Burghausen. The last time this was possible was in 2012 so I guess we can consider ourselves lucky. And speaking of winter sport activities: this winter has been amazing! When we moved back to Germany, I was really worried that the cold, dark, depressing winter months would be hard for us. On the contrary! It’s been really cold – yes – but the snow and the sun bring so much light and fun that we spend as much time outside as possible.

Here are my favorite weekly links from around the web:

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Friday Link Love

friday link love 1

Hello readers! Thanks so much for showing up for our Friday date today. Finally, after more than six months Friday Link Love is back, my weekly round-up of favorite posts, articles, links, thoughts, photos, things from around the web. And there is more! I’m also going to follow into the footsteps of the German blog Berlin Mitte Mom and her Freitagslieblinge in which Anna always includes her favorites of the week such as a book, a meal or a particular moment for herself and with her kids.

In the picture above you see my favorite moment of the week for myself AND with the kids – sledding! I had no idea that I would love the snow so much and we as a family had a blast racing down the hills with all types of sleds. Next on my winter sport list is ice-skating and maybe I can even convince myself do give skiing another try.

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