It seems like coffee shops are popping up at each and every corner in Chattanooga right now. When I moved here 4 years ago there was Starbucks and then Starbucks. Now there are so many options and they all serve the best coffee in world! The most recent addition to the Chattanooga coffee scene is: Revelator Coffee Company.

falling in love with revelator coffee in chattanooga tennessee

I had an iced espresso with milk and it was delicious. This really means a lot since that was my second drink that day. I had my first cafe latte at The Farmer’s Daughter, another great coffee / breakfast / lunch place (don’t leave without eating a least one of their buttermilk biscuits!). Anyway, to cut a long story short: with my espresso drink in hand did I not only decide to return to Revelator Coffee with my laptop to have some creative me-time, but I also fell in love with this stylish Dane:

normann copenhagen geo vaccuum jug white 2015

Makes a great birthday present, doesn’t it? And – surprise, surprise – it seems to be available in the US!

What did you recently fall in love with???

Photo Credit: Tina Busch (Revelator Coffee), Normann Copenhagen (Geo Vacuum Jug white)