friday link love 1

Hello readers! Thanks so much for showing up for our Friday date today. Finally, after more than six months Friday Link Love is back, my weekly round-up of favorite posts, articles, links, thoughts, photos, things from around the web. And there is more! I’m also going to follow into the footsteps of the German blog Berlin Mitte Mom and her Freitagslieblinge in which Anna always includes her favorites of the week such as a book, a meal or a particular moment for herself and with her kids.

In the picture above you see my favorite moment of the week for myself AND with the kids – sledding! I had no idea that I would love the snow so much and we as a family had a blast racing down the hills with all types of sleds. Next on my winter sport list is ice-skating and maybe I can even convince myself do give skiing another try.

And here are my favorite weekly links from around the web:

  • Barack Obama’s farewell speech on Tuesday, especially his tribute to his wife and daughters. Also  how the First Lady surprises people on The Tonight Show – so sad to see these two leave the political stage in the United States.
  • This article about attachment theory and the long-term importance of providing security for our children.
  • I’ve added this book and this book (read a review here) to the mile-high TBR-pile on my nightstand.
  • It’s not too late to start your Happiness Jar for 2017 – I put mine on the window sill in our kitchen making sure that I see and remember it several times a day.
  • This German documentary on being 20-40-60 years old.
  • This blog post made me think of my son’s baby years and how I sometime wish I could get a do-over (in German).
  • Loving these boots which I’ve had an eye on for a long time – with the German winter and the cold temperatures I could now justify the purchase.
  • These podcast recommendations – my all-time favorite is still this one and I’ve just started listening to this German (!) one.

Have a great weekend everyone! I’m almost on my way to see the Bibi & Tina Show tonight which is going to make a certain 7-year-old really really happy!

Photo credit: Sarah Wiedemann