What a week! So much rain! So many interesting collaborations, jobs, and opportunities coming up! And so many ants. I wish they would move someplace else… Anyway. I’m ready for the weekend and for a new edition of The Weekend Files. Enjoy!

the weekend files tina busch

1 – A blog post on repatriation. I’ll try to keep this in mind:

“Home” changed too.  They had an adventure while you were gone.  Bad things happened.  Good things happened.  They missed you but they didn’t sit on the porch waiting for you to come home.  They’ve changed.  They’ve grown.  They’ve got stories to tell and they might like you to show some interest as well.  There’s even a strong chance they would love to hear about how much YOU missed THEM.

2 – I’ve been a member of this (German) network only for a couple of weeks, but I’m already impressed by the wealth of information, the helpful members and the active discussions that are going on, especially in the Facebook group. That’s why I really enjoyed reading this article with the founder. There is also an international network for mompreneurs, called The Founding Moms if you want to check it out.

3 – Ever heard about screenshorts? Some people say they might kill traditional blogs. Not mine!!!

4 – I just started listening to this podcast. A Canadian woman is documenting her journey from being a stay-at-home-mom (for 6 years) to becoming a working mom. Interesting!

5 – I’ve asked a lot of German expats about stuff that they usually bring back from Germany whenever there is an opportunity. For me that’s always: magazines, Katjes Euromünzen, deodorant, black tea, ground hazelnuts, really strong licorice. And chocolate, of course! Here is an even longer list. What do you can’t live without and always pack in your suitcase? Paprika Chips? White Chocolate? Dickmanns? Let us know!

Have a great weekend!