Time is money. Not really. But the weekend is almost here and I still have 1.000 things on my desk. So I’ll make it quick today. Have fun with The Weekend Files and enjoy this addition to Busch-Bilingualistics (more on this here) in the picture below. Have a great weekend!

The Weekend Files

1 – Are you getting ready for a move overseas? Then you should read this.

2 – Are you a parent in Munich? Do you agree with this article (in German)?

3 – This and this Berlin city guide by two of my favorite bloggers – can’t wait to explore the city myself!

4 – Words that made me think about my younger self and a world without Starbucks and smartphones.

5 – Chia seeds anyone? I’m going to try this recipe today. What else do you do with chia? Let me know your favorite recipes!