Have you been waiting for your reading material for the weekend? I should warn you: today’s links are – well – moody. Sad. Dark. Thought-provoking. I really hope you will enjoy them nevertheless. I surely did! Next week will be lighter, I promise. Enjoy your weekend!

the weekend files

1 – Have you ever lost a loved one? Then you should read this post. I especially like this quote:

Rather often I am asked whether the grief remains as intense as when I wrote. The answer is, No. The wound is no longer raw. But it has not disappeared. That is as it should be. If he was worth loving, he is worth grieving over.

It’s true. (Watch the video, too. It’s so worth it!)

2 – There is more on grieving. By Sheryl Sandberg. Grab your box of tissues.

3 – Working part-time? Have you thought about your retirement benefits? Eye-opening! But what’s the solution to the problem??? (in German)

4 – What it means to become a victim of your own success on social media. I’m constantly checking my statistics and get impatient that my blog doesn’t grow as fast as I want it to. After reading this I think that this might be not a bad thing after all.  It should all be about finding the right connections!

5 – Lost for words when your someone complains about your noisy kids? Here are some good answers (in German. And only needed in Germany I guess…).

 If you want to, please share your favorite links(s) from around the web in the comments section! Thank you!