weekend links files

Here is a new list of links from around the web for your weekend reading pleasure. Have a good one!

1 – I’ve been dreaming about having a vacation home and get-togethers with friends and family for a really long time. After reading this I want (and need) it even more…

2 – Instagram is my go-t0 source for discovering new recipes, services or products, such as this personalized wrapping paper. I’ll definitely give it a try and finally put these thousands of photos on my phone and computer to use.

3 –I know, I’m a Mom.”  – Sometimes, this is all we need to say.

4 – An interview with one of my favorite newsletter authors.

5 – If you follow me on Instagram, you already know that I’ve started on an “eat-healthier-journey”. Wonder why? Because our daily sugar intake is driving me and especially my kids CRAZY! I’ve just added these coconut waffles and these blueberry pancakes to my recipe list.

And what are your healthy and kid-friendly (!) snack/cake/breakfast recipes?