The Weekend Files

02. Oktober 2015

Apparently, I’m suffering from seasonal affective disorder. At least that’s what my doctor told me. I’m still not ready for fall and have been successfully refusing my family’s request for orange pumpkins, yellow mums, black bats, and white spider webs. And the weather forecast isn’t helping either, thanks to Hurricane Joaquin! So with a rainy weekend ahead of us, it might be finally time for me to come to terms with the new season…. Have a great weekend y’all – with The Weekend Files!

The Weekend Files

1 – This post left me thinking. Not only about what my kids will never know (Do you remember Perlipop, Monchichis, Banjo, Christmas shows such as Anna or Timm Thaler, on public TV?), but also how culture-specific toys, food, TV shows, childhood memories in general were in the past. I’m wondering whether this has already changed towards a more globalized childhood experience. Who knows? Maybe our kids will all put the same things on their list 20 years from today (hello Anna & Elsa…).

2 – What Europeans / Germans find strange about Americans

3 – Heading to Atlanta on the rainy weekend? Make sure to stop at Ponce City Market, drink a latte from Dancing Goats Coffee Bar and stock up your pantry at Trader Joe’s around the corner. And if you stay in Chattanooga, visit the market on Sunday (it’s Culture Fest this weekend!) and treat yourself to one of these candles.

4 – ‚Tis NOT the season (yet), but I might still go ahead and order this and this advent calendar. To make my life easier come November. Ha!

5 – Do you like Taylor Swift? Then you have to listen to this (also available here on Spotify). It’s really different from the original, but so good! His version makes me listen more to the lyrics. What do you think?

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  1. Definitely considering a trip to Atlanta this weekend! Need to dig up your recommendations for this city and glad to hear Ponce Market is open now.

    • Rina, you will also love The Merchant and Crafted Westside on Howell Mill Road!


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