It’s time for my favorite web finds. Here are links (in German or English) that inspire me, make me think or laugh, bring tears to my eyes, or keep my credit card busy… Happy clicking, y’all!*

01 – This article is for those of you who are interested in social media trends. Bye-bye Facebook!?

02 – For my Mum friends: don’t you agree that this blog post hits really close to home?

03 – Party Fever I: my daughter’s 5th birthday is coming up. Very soon. I’m looking for inspiration for a Winter Wonderland Party. There are endless possibilities. That’s why Pinterest and I have a love-hate-relationship.

04 – Party Fever II: If you happen to look for banana or unicorn party ideas, you should watch The Alison Show!

05 – Tiny photo books for tiny hands can be ordered here (recommended by Slomo). Hopefully I can find something similar here in the US! Recommendations anyone?

06 – For my German readers only: Dieses Video aus dem letzten Jahr erklärt das Rentensystem etwas genauer aus Mutter-/Familienperspektive. Da ich mich ja u.a. in diesem Jahr mehr um meine Altervorsorge kümmern will (wie hier angekündigt), fand ich den kurzen Beitrag interessant. Und lasse jetzt diesen Audruck wieder und wieder auf meiner Zunge zergehen: Ununterbrochene Erwerbskarriere. Welche (Expat-) Mama kann das schon vorweisen…

Wishing you a wonderful weekend!

* This post doesn’t contain any affiliate links (yet).