How was your week so far? Mine was ok. I had a sick child at home, said good-bye to our visitors from Germany which is always hard, especially for the kids who just love having someone to actually live with us for a couple of days. And behind-the-scenes I’ve also been working on the kids’ Advent calendars. I have a lot of wrapping to do over the next couple of days but it’s so worth it: no more dragging them out of bed in the mornings until December 24th! 2015-11-smoothie

I also wanted to let you know that there won’t be a new edition of The Weekend Files next week. It’s the Friday after Thanksgiving here in the United States – which means that everybody (including you and me) will be busy trying to score the best deals on Christmas gifts and other things you need (or don’t). First on my list is a new pot set, preferably in turquoise!
So have fun celebrating Thanksgiving, shopping on Black Friday and Cyber Monday, and getting ready for the first Sunday of Advent. I’ll post more Gift Guides on Facebook and let you participate in my Black Friday shopping spree on Instagram.

1 – I love smoothies! I just made this one (see photo above) and it’s absolutely delicious. And very very filling…

2 – A list of movies I want to watch.

3 – A post about daily mom battles. Can you relate?

4 – Still looking for Advent calendar ideas? Download advent calendar numbers here and look for DIY-ideas here.

5 – And a moving story on the refugee situation in Germany (today and many many years ago). Thank you, Rachel, for sharing the link with us!

Have a good weekend!