colorful weekend

It’s been two weeks that you last heard from me. I didn’t take this break on purpose, it was simply life (with kids) that got in the way. My kids were sick, with a tummy bug. And then my blog crashed. So let’s just not talk about it, ok? Currently, I’m busy transcribing and editing 3 new expat interviews plus one follow-up interview and I’m searching the (German) web for resources on (expat) moms returning back to work. You’ll read more on this soon!

I really hope you enjoy this week’s Weekend Files! And if you ever come across anything belly-hurting funny, heart-breaking, or brain-stimulating, please comment, tag or e-mail me. Would be much appreciated!

1 – If you are returning back home from an assignment abroad, this blog post might be worth reading. And you could / should forward this to your family and friends, too.

2 – Claudi of the blog wasfuermich has started a Selfie-Friday event #wfmsayitselfie. Every Friday she is  posting 3 questions on her blog which everyone can answer with a selfie. Head over to Instagram to see my answers to the first two rounds of questions! Why don’t you join us today?

3 – Last week, I ordered this pillow which I’ve been admiring on the shop’s Instagram feed for months. The perfect travel accessory for our upcoming trip to the most magical place on the planet, don’t you agree?

4 – 26 signs you were born and raised in Germany – how many points can you check off this list?

 5 – If your little girl is all into princesses, this book about a princess turned Super Girl might be a welcome addition to your library. We love it!

Have a wonderful weekend!