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27. März 2015

We picked our own strawberries last week and they were delicious! Now I can’t wait for berry season to start in Chattanooga. I’m already dreaming of smoothies and cakes, trifles and shakes. And if you have been looking for the world’s best milkshake, look no further. Here is the answer! 

very berry weekend

1 – I’m a linguist so I cannot help myself: I have to mention nerdy grammar posts from time to time, just like this one!

2 – Who is going to be invited to a kid’s birthday party? There are huge cultural differences! Kids in the U.S. often invite the entire class so that no-one feels excluded. And since you might end up with 20 kids or more, the party usually takes place outside the home in a location such as the zoo or a jump park. In Germany, however, the party takes place at home and it is very common for the kid to invite guests according to the birthday age: 5 years old means 5 guests, for example. So kids have to chose and might have to face a problem as described in this (German) article. Would you like to know if we do birthday parties the German or the American way? Let’s just say this for now: we shake it up and do it „the expat way“… More on that in a future post.

3 – A topic that expats do not talk about. At least not the ones I’ve met so far. But I’m sure it happens: relationship problems, break-ups, divorce. On the other hand I also noticed that expat life brings people closer together: you grow as a couple and you grow as a family. Do you agree? (Link via What about my pencilskirt)

4 – Sundays in Germany are special. What do you usually do on a random Sunday?

5 – Don’t miss the new post in the „Raising a Traveling Tribe“-series: How you can help you kids to adjust to a new country.

Have a great weekend and don’t forget to mix yourself a shake or a smoothie!


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