The Weekend Files – I’m back

28. August 2015

Hello everyone!
I’m so happy to be back and to put together a new edition of The Weekend Files – just for you! There is so much good stuff out there in the great world wide web and I always love to share my finds with you, introduce you to thoughts, ideas, products, sites, news, podcasts, blogs, advice, recipes, guidelines that you were not aware of and that hopefully inspire your life as much as mine! Have a great weekend!

The Weekend Files I am back

1 – „Parenting is all about balancing holding on and pushing away.“ I experience this now on a daily basis with sending my daughter off to school. I’ve been having a hard time letting her go although I know that holding on to her is definitely not the right thing to do, either. There is more good parenting stuff in this TED Radio Hour podcast.

2 – Don’t miss this thoughtful and very inspiring post about daily life.

3 – Do your kids love to cook, but you don’t really know how and when to get them started? Maybe this gives you some ideas!

4 – Why using your phone while being around your kids is not always a bad thing.

5 – I worry too much. Do you? After reading this (old) blog post, I feel better and I think I finally found a way of dealing with my worries. It also helps that I’ve seen the Grand Canyon with my own eyes…

How has your summer been so far? Are you already in the back-to-school mode or do you still enjoy lazy afternoons in the pool or at the beach?

Have you read any good books recently? Recommendations are always welcome! I devoured this book (Thank you, Katti!) and I really regret it that I didn’t read it earlier: When I was pregnant, when I had a newborn, when I didn’t sleep, when I felt guilty because I sent my kid(s) to day-care… If you are a Mom (and if you were born in 1977 and played a game called „A-Zerlatschen„), you should read it!

Ich bin Tina. Promovierte Linguistin, Englisch-Expertin, Professional Coach und Ex-Expat-Partner. Meinen riesengroßen Wissensdurst stille ich mit Podcasts, Büchern, Seminaren und Networking-Events. Hier teile ich mein Wissen, um Dir Inspiration und Impulse für Deine persönliche Weiterentwicklung zu geben.

Improve your English.
Be Curious.
Rock the world!

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