Back in February I put together a list of 99 things I wanted to do before I went back to Germany. One thing on the list was to get a ticket to the Blogst 2016 conference in Hamburg. Which turned out to be almost impossible! The tickets literally sold out in milliseconds. But luckily I have my online-now-real-life friend Jonna from at my side. Back in June (when I was frantically refreshing the Blogst-page on my phone while watching my daughter’s cheerleading performance) Jonna made the impossible possible: she snatched not one, but two tickets to Blogst 2016. One for her, one for me! 

Blogst 2016

So this Saturday and Sunday it is finally time for me to attend a the (?) German blog conference. And I’m so so excited! I’m going to travel to Hamburg today to catch up on everything (life, kids, work, and, of course, the outcome of the election) with my really good friend who I haven’t seen in forever. Three years to be precise. To a night of great conversations, lots of laughter, and gin tonics!

After Friday night it’s going to be all about blogging, social media, networking, creativity and inspiration. I can’t wait to get to meet Mama Mia, Berlin Mitte Mom, Gourmet Guerilla – to name only a few of the speakers – in person. I have been following them online for a while, but it always makes such a difference to meet an online persona in real life. And who knows which fun, creative, inspiring blogging enthusiasts I’m going to add to my blog reading list after the weekend!

It was only at the beginning of this year that I attended my first blog conference ever: ALT Summit in Salt Lake City which is THE conference for bloggers in the United States. It was a hugely inspiring event that I’m still profiting from today. Now I’m hoping that my bar for Blogst is not raised too high… And that bloggers in Germany are as welcoming, supportive, and positive as their American counterparts.

Time to pack my business cards, the glitter outfit, and tons of reading material for the long journey up North. Make sure to check back on Instagram to get a real-life update on my Blogst experience.

See you back here real soon!