UPDATE May 2020: Listen to my interview with the organizer of the challenge, Anne Häusler!

Are you on Instagram? If not you missed something really fun! Anne Häusler‘s #meetthebloggerde challenge. During this 2-week-long challenge Anne asked 14 questions and all German bloggers were invited to answer them on their Instagram account. Which I did. Along with hundreds of other German bloggers. I had so much fun to not only post consistently and to come up with photo ideas every single day. But I also loved the feedback from my followers, old and new, and I discovered quite a few new blogs and inspiring Instagram accounts.

So here are the 14 questions with my photos and answers – especially put-together for my English-speaking readers and those blog readers who are not on Instagram yet. And at the end of the post I’ll reveal my 3 favorite new blog discoveries!

The 2017 Instagram challenge #meetthebloggerde

1 – About me

The Instagram Challenge #meetthebloggerde – 14 questions and my answers – www.tinabusch.comMy name is Tina and on my blog I’ve been sharing my personal journey of adjusting to life in Germany after 5 years in the United States. You also find a lot of information and interviews about expat life in the US. In addition I’m on a mission to inspire my blog readers to listen to podcasts while I also frequently share my love for coffee with them.

When I don’t write for my blog, I translate, write and research for a living. Very soon I’m also going to add “teaching English” to my list of services. I’ve been a freelancer for only 4 months now and often feel overwhelmed: projects get cancelled over night, but then at the same time I need to watch my finances carefully because of taxes and health insurance issues. I’ve embraced the underestimated power of online connections. And I’ve learned to trust my gut when it comes to accepting an offer or not. On top of that I’m always always struggling to find the right balance between “working Tina” and “mom Tina”.

2 – What I blog about

The Instagram Challenge #meetthebloggerde – 14 questions and my answers – www.tinabusch.comI wish the answer to this question would be easy and straightforward. Unfortunately, it’s not. I used to write mainly about our expat life. But since I’m no longer an expat, I’m kind of stuck in the mud. I have many topics I’m interested in, but so far hardly anything is really dear and close to my heart. I promise that I will keep looking for the gold, but when if I will find it, only heaven knows…

3 – My biggest success as a blogger

The Instagram Challenge #meetthebloggerde – 14 questions and my answers – www.tinabusch.com

How do I define success? If I only take likes, visits, comments, and followers into account, my blog wouldn’t be considered to be successful. But numbers don’t play a big role in my life. It’s people and personal connections that matter. When I reach and meet people who share my interests and who I would have never ever met without my blog, that’s success for me. An example? Jonna from Expatmamas :-)

4 – My logo

The Instagram Challenge #meetthebloggerde – 14 questions and my answers – www.tinabusch.comI don’t have a logo. I only know that my blog and my business can’t be separated from my name. That’s one of the reasons why I chose my name when I registered this domain 3 years ago. I also didn’t want to limit myself topic-wise by chosing a blog name that was related to my life abroad. Knowing already that my life as an expat would come to an end sooner or later. Now I’m dreaming of my name written in handlettering or calligraphy, spiced up with a touch of turquoise. And I can tell you now: this dream may come true pretty soon!

5 – My biggest dream

To make money translating, writing, coaching, teaching, researching by nurturing this online presence. To create and teach an online class. To write my second book. A book that appeals to a broader audience than just language nerds and very passionate linguists.

6 – What inspires me

People and their personal stories which they share on blogs, podcasts and social media, in articles and books. I love to share these sources of inspirations with my blog readers in my more or less bi-weekly Friday Link Love series. My wish is to inspire my readers with my online finds. And this might also be the main reason of why I write a blog: I want to invite my readers to be curious, to think things through, to look beyond, to risk / hear / read / listen to something new.

7 – I can’t blog without ….

The Instagram Challenge #meetthebloggerde – 14 questions and my answers – www.tinabusch.com

Me-time – the basic requirement for being creative. That’s why it’s almost impossible for me to blog on weekends or during school holidays.

8 – For me social media is …

… FUN! And that’s why I mainly use Instagram. Here I can share my passion for photography, I get inspired while browsing through my feed, and I also meet so many like-minded people. A look into my photos file tells me though that I could (and should) post more often – there are so many good pictures that have never appeared in my feed. Apart from Instagram I’m also using Facebook on a regular basis, mainly to share my blog posts or to participate in my Facebook groups. And psst! I’ve heard that Facebook is about to launch Facebook Audio live – interesting news for all podcast enthusiasts like me!

9 – Three fun facts about me

  1. I don’t like wine, but I never say no to a beer.
  2. I often have a heart-to-heart talk with people I just met.
  3. I always have ear plugs on my nightstand just in case that my kids start coughing in the middle of the night. If that happens, I know that sleep will never come back to me. And ear plugs have proven to be the solution.

10 – My favorite bloggers on Instagram – #meetthebloggerde

The Instagram Challenge #meetthebloggerde – 14 questions and my answers – www.tinabusch.com

My favorite German bloggers on Instagram: Kristin from 4more, Alice from Stoffsymphonie, and Ann-Cathrin from Herr und Frau Krauss.

My favorite American bloggers on Instagram: Sugar + Cloth, The Alison Show, and lalalovely.

11 – My blog goals

The Instagram Challenge #meetthebloggerde – 14 questions and my answers – www.tinabusch.com

  • Higher visibility
  • New blog design
  • Discovering those topics that are as dear to my heart as expat life once was.

12 – Favorite reading material

The Instagram Challenge #meetthebloggerde – 14 questions and my answers – www.tinabusch.com

Always a good mix of German and English fiction and non-fiction books, magazines, and newspapers. And blogs, of course!

13 – What makes me happy

Sunshine, fresh flowers from the backyard, and the laughter of my kids.

14 – My blog advice

The Instagram Challenge #meetthebloggerde – 14 questions and my answers – www.tinabusch.com

Just do it. It doesn’t need to be perfect because blogging is learning while doing it. And that’s why I am reading this kids book every.single.day.

14 questions, 14 answers. If you are still looking for more, you can always look up #meetthebloggerde on Instagram to discover new blogs and to read more answers. This is exactly what I did during the challenge and these are my 3 favorite new accounts:

  • Bettina and her blog Respekt Herr Specht. As a coffee addict I love her interview series “aufgebrüht” in which she talks to coffee shop founders all over Germany.
  • Sindy and her blog Mein gewisses Etwas. Looking at her Instagram photos makes me want to start sewing again.
  • Suse and her blog Ich lebe! jetzt!Suse blogs about kids, family, and trying to find the balance between family and job life. And most importantly she is one of the organizers of the blogger conference #denkst in Nürnberg. Which is in 2 days! And guess who will be there??? Follow along on my Instagram if you are interested in what’s happening in Nürnberg.

If you have any questions that you would like to ask me – blog- or expat-life-related, personal or related to business, let me know! I’m more than happy to answer your questions and to get to know my blog readers a little bit better.

Always wishing you lots of sunshine, fresh flowers, and your kids’ laughter :-)