#8 – ESL teacher Mel Riedleder on bilingualism and the right books for kids

07. April 2020

My dear friend Mel Riedleder is a freelance ESL (English as a second language) teacher for German children, teens and tweens in Burghausen. She is a Melbourne girl who followed the love of her life to Germany many years ago. After traveling the world (from Munich to London to Tennessee to Austria), the Riedleder family now calls Burghausen their hometown. In her English classes – which are not tutoring or what is known as „Nachhilfe“ in German – Mel focusses on talking and listening, playing with and experiencing the English language. These classes are always a lot of FUN! I can speak from personal experience because my kids have been part of Mel’s 2 Speak English Club for more than three years! And they love it!

Mel Riedleder’s recommendations for bilingual kids and families

What to read

Torben Kuhlmann:

  • Armstrong: The Adventurous Journey of a Mouse to the Moon;
  • Edison: The Mystery of the Missing Mouse Treasure;
  • Lindbergh: The Tale of a Flying Mouse

E.B. White: Charlotte’s Web – The book was published in 1952. The German version is called “Wilbur und Charlotte”.

Any Asterix & Obelix book

The Adventures of Tin Tin

Chris van Duzen:

  • If I built a car
  • If I built a house
  • and the most recent book „If I built a school“
  • the Mr Magee series

Matt Haig:

  • A boy called Christmas
  • The girl who saved Christmas
  • Father Christmas and me
  • Evie and the animals

What to watch

Cooking with kids #kitchenbuddies – Buddy Oliver on YouTube

Any BBC (nature) documentary

What to listen

Vooks – Storybooks brought to life

CD books / audio books

  • Harry Potter collection
  • Matt Haig’s collection

Newsround – BBC news for children

Do you need more recommendations for your TBR (to be read) pile or your podcast library? Please check out any previous episodes of „What to watch, read + listen“  and any episode of the „Hey Booklovers“ podcast!

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