Happy 4th of July – The Weekend Files #21

A family trip to a nearby state park, a movie in the park, BBQ with friends, fireworks, a visit to the Chattanooga market and lots of fun in the rain sun! That’s how our long 4th of July Weekend is going to look like. What are your plans for the weekend? Hope you are not too busy to read this edition of The Weekend Files!? Enjoy!

Fourth of July

1 – My husband and I are watching Season 4 of Scandal on Netflix right now. We try to be good and allow ourselves only two episodes a night. But it’s so hard to stop watching! I can’t stop thinking about what’s going on to the extend that I have a hard time differentiating with what is real and what is fiction when I read the news the next day! This show totally sucked me in… That’s why I’m so glad about the AfterBuzz TV After Shows (available on YouTube or as a podcast on iTunes). For 60 minutes, the hosts review and talk about each episode of any show you can think of! Scandal, Orange is the New Black, Suits, House of Cards, Better Call Saul – just to name a few. Go and check it out!

2 – Wanna know what it feels like to come back to our home country with no real place to call home”?

3 – I often find myself looking for a healthy and light but still filling snack, especially at 11am or right before I leave for my Pure Barre class in the evening. These might be a yummy option, but I would also love to hear your recommendations!

4 – Get your kids out of their normal routine this summer and explore the world! Need advice for traveling and flying with kids? Read this and this and also check out the comments.

5 – Is your kid a compound or a coordinate bilingual? And are you yourself considered to be a bilingual? Watch this and find out more about the advantages of knowing two (or more) languages.

And next week we are going to have a special guest on The Weekend Files! Yeah!