7 Business Podcasts For Inspiration & Your English Skills

7 Business Podcasts For Inspiration & Your English Skills

“What are the best business podcasts that I can listen to to improve my English skills and to learn new vocabulary?”, asked one of my clients recently. As a podcast lover this is one of the best questions a client could ever ask me! And this is why I’m sharing my recommendations for seven business podcasts that I really like to listen to at the moment not only with my client, but also with my blog readers. Here are seven podcasts that will offer inspiration, deepen your knowledge on business topics and will help to improve your English language skills.

7 Business Podcasts For Inspiration & Language Skills

WorkLife with Adam Grant: A TED original podcast

WorkLife is hosted by Adam Grant, a well-known organizational psychologist and author who discusses work-related topics. In this weekly podcast Adam Grant talks to thought leaders in different industries (e.g. Esther Perel, Cheryl Strayed) and gives you an insight into their minds and thinking. “You spend a quarter of your life at work. You should enjoy it!” is the motto Adam Grant lives and works by and this is also reflected in the fun and light style of his business podcast. Each episode is about 40 minutes long; the show is now in its third season.

My favorite episode: “The Office Without A**holes“. Read the full transcript here.

Bonus (not only) for non-native speakers: Join the WorkLife Podcast Club on LinkedIn for weekly news, episode summaries and questions for discussion.

HBR IdeaCast

HBR IdeaCast is a conversational business podcast that is produced by the Harvard Business Review. The two hosts Alison and Curt talk weekly to leading (American) thinkers (professors, entrepreneurs and, of course, Oprah) in business and management. Topics include leadership, equality or digital transformation. The episodes are usually less than 30 minutes.

My favorite episode: Working parents, let go of the idea of balance

Bonus (not only) for non-native speakers: Read the full transcript of each episode on the HBR podcast website.

Creative Conversations

Creative Conversations is a podcast produced by the magazine Fast Company. The show explores the creative process by talking to innovative thinkers from creative industries such as film, TV and music. The episodes are about 40 minutes long and feature a mix of interviews, conversations and live recordings.

My favorite episode: Alan Yang’s secret to creativity? Push yourself to the point you want to quit

Bonus (not only) for non-native speakers: If you want to stay up-to-date on tech trends, work life and creativity, the Fast Company website should turn into your go-to-source.

Being Boss

Being Boss is a podcast specifically aimed at (female) entrepreneurs and freelancers. Whether you are just starting out or already have an established business, the two hosts Kathleen and Emily have tons of advice for you on such useful topics as social media marketing, productivity, goals or self-care.

My favorite episode: I really enjoyed the most recent episode “Being a creative” which helped me not only to rethink, but to get back to my creativity. And I LOVED the minisode 10 Minutes to Being Boss // How do I disconnect to do big picture business planning? This is the question that I have been asking myself for weeks now.

Bonus (not only) for non-native speakers: You can browse the more than 230 episodes by topic which makes it so much easier to find an episode that is just right for you.

Second Life

Second Life is an interview podcast hosted by Who What Wear co-founder Hillary Kerr. With her guests she talks about fundamental career changes that may happen at any point in time. The guest list is pretty impressive: actress and producer Reese Witherspoon, founder and author Joy Cho of Oh Joy Studio or designer Justina Blakeney. There is a new episode every Monday and each episode is about 45 minutes long.

My favorite episode: The interview with Joy Cho. I first discovered Joy’s blog when we lived in the United States and have been following her journey ever since.

The Science of Social Media

The Buffer podcast The Science of Social Media explores current trends in social media marketing and business strategies. Since Buffer itself is a social media publishing and analytics tool, the podcast content is not really objective, but you can still get a lot out of it. The Buffer team looks at different social media platforms and talks about topics such as the following: Instagram’s secret algorithm, strategies for LinkedIn, tips for Facebook ads or how to unlock the power of Pinterest. The podcast airs weekly; each episode is only about 10 minutes long which makes it easy to squeeze in an episode here and there.

My favorite episode: What’s Next for Instagram? New Strategies to Make Your Brand Stand Out


StartUp is one of my favorite podcasts of all times! It is a Gimlet Media podcast produced by Alex Blumberg which chronicles the starting, running and eventually selling of Gimlet Media itself. Gimlet Media is a Brooklyn-based podcast production company which was founded in 2014 and was sold to Spotify in 2019. In season 1 of StartUp founder Alex Blumberg takes the listener along to pitches with investors, late night conversations with his wife, or meetings with potential partners. As a listener you feel all the highs and all the lows of starting, running and – in the last season – selling the company. And this is because of Alex Blumberg who is not only a great storyteller, but who doesn’t shy away from showing his emotions, his vulnerability, his doubts and anger.

For me StartUp is a masterpiece of podcast production and an absolute must-listen! Start with season 1. Then listen to single episodes that give you an update on what’s been going on at Gimlet. Finish with the last season “The Final Chapter”.

My favorite episode: Exit – the final episode of StartUp. I was bawling my eyes out and I’m still sad that this podcast is now history.

Bonus (not only) for future podcasters: Gimlet Academy, a five-episode series from podcast pioneer Alex Blumberg in collaboration with Spotify that introduces you to the art of audio story-telling.

More business podcasts for your podcast library

During my research for this blog post I came across a few business podcasts that are new to me and that I’ve now added to my podcast library. But I usually don’t subscribe to a new podcast right away. Before I hit the subscribe button, I download one (recent) episode that catches my attention. Then, I start listening to the beginning. After a couple of minutes I usually know whether this podcast is for me. Or not.

My decision depends on a mix of factors: Do I like the voice of the podcast host? Is the quality of the recording good enough? How long are single episodes (I usually don’t listen to shows that are longer than 60 minutes – I don’t have that much time!)? Are there any commercial breaks and how long are they? But most importantly: Do I learn anything knew?

For me the best podcast episodes

  1. force me to stop whatever I’m doing;
  2. make me take out my notebook or open my notes app;
  3. invite me to not only take notes but send me to new corners of the internet right away.

New business podcasts

And now I’m really curious: Which business podcasts – in English or in German – are you listening to on a regular basis? I love to learn about your personal favorites either here in the comments or on social media. 

On a personal note

If you are looking for more podcast recommendations, you’ve come to the right place! You can find my own podcast “What to Watch, Read +Listen” here. The podcast episodes are mainly in English and they give you tons of starting points for your own journey into the English-speaking world. And yes, this includes podcast recommendations. More podcasts that I really like are summarized in this blog post. And here you can find a tutorial for my favorite podcast app for iOS.

WTWRL #11 – Ann-Cathrin Krauss, Online-Shop-Inhaberin & Bloggerin

Ann-Cathrin Krauss ist Online-Unternehmerin und Bloggerin. In ihrem Online-Conceptstore Herr und Frau Krauss gibt es richtig schöne Textil- und Papierprodukte und Accessoires von kleineren Marken für Frauen und Kinder. Aber Ann-Cathrin hat nicht nur ein gutes Gespür für schöne Dinge, sondern auch für kreative Gute-Laune-Posts. Auf ihrem Blog ist mein absoluter Favorit die Blogpost-Reihe “Meine Fünf Dinge”, in der Ann-Cathrin jeden Monat ihren Lieblingsfilme, -bücher, -serien, -produkte usw. vorstellt. Ist ja klar, dass ich Ann-Cathrin allein schon aus diesem Grund unbedingt in meinen Podcast einladen musste, oder? In unserem Gespräch geht es natürlich um genau diese Lieblingsbücher, Filme und Podcasts. Aber Ann-Cathrin erzählt auch, wie und warum sie “Herr und Frau Krauss” gegründet hat, wie sie den aktuellen Spagat zwischen Shop und Home Schooling managt und wie sich die Corona-Krise auf die Textilwirtschaft und damit auch auf den Online-Shop auswirkt.

Viel Spaß beim Hören!

(mehr …)

#1 – The One For A Girls’ Night In

#1 – The One For A Girls’ Night In

This is the first episode of the “What to Watch, Read + Listen” (WTWRL) podcast. This is a podcast for curious people (like me) who are always looking for inspiration, forward thinking ideas, and current trends. Each episode has a specific topic and gives you tons of starting points for your own journey into the English-speaking world. Today’s show “The One For My Girlfriends” gives you tons of things to talk about with YOUR girlfriends.

You can now listen and subscribe to the podcast here on my website and on iTunes and your favorite podcast apps such as Overcast.

Have fun and enjoy the show!

Show Notes

What to Watch

The Bold Type
The Bold Type Spotify playlist

Wine Country
The Cut published this critical article on “Wine country”

Brené Brown’s website
Brené Brown’s Call to Courage

One of many really good quotes:

Vulnerability is hard, and it’s scary and it feels dangerous. But it’s not as hard or scary or dangerous as getting to the end of our lives and having to ask ourselves: “What if I would have shown up?”

What to Read

Good Company Magazine
Design Sponge’s “Our Final Year” blog post

In Intimate Detail – How to choose, wear and love lingerie by Cora Harrington
Cora Harrington on Instagram

How to walk away by Katherine Center

My favorite quote from the book that I keep coming back to:

When you don’t know what to do for yourself, do something for somebody else.

What to Listen

10 things to tell you by Laura Tremaine
#14 Skincare routines and Beauty Products with Jamie Golden (60 minutes)
#13 Who do you tell? (25 minutes)

Sorta Awesome by Meg Tietz
#196 The Awesome Summer List of 2019

WorkLife with Adam Grant
Season 2 #6 The Office Without A**holes
You can find a transcript to each episode on LinkedIn.

If you are still looking for a podcast app, I can highly recommend the Overcast app. Here is the blog post in which I walk you through the app. The app is only available for iOS at the moment, but the pre-installed podcasts apps on your phone work just as well.

Share your own recommendations

Please use my recommendations as starting points for your own list of favorite shows, podcasts, books and more. If you want to share your discoveries and takeaways from this episode on social media, please tag me personally or use the hashtag #wtwrl. I’m mostly on Instagram these days and on LinkedIn.

I hope you enjoyed the first episode of the “What to watch read + listen” podcast.

Thanks for listening. Now go and rock the world!

I’ll see you next time.

A side note: All opinions are my own. This post is not sponsored, neither is this episode of the WTWRL podcast.

What to Watch, Read + Listen – Mein eigener Podcast

What to Watch, Read + Listen – Mein eigener Podcast

Habt Ihr es am Montag, den 20. Mai gespürt? Um 12:15 Uhr hat die Erde ein bisschen gebebt. Hinkelsteingroße Lasten habe ich von mir geworfen. Und habt Ihr meinen Jubelschrei gehört? Den konnte man bestimmt noch am Chiemsee und in München hören. So laut habe ich gekreischt vor Freude. Sie ist nämlich endlich da. Die erste Folge meines eigenen Podcasts! Darf ich vorstellen? Der “What to Watch, Read & Listen” / WTWRL Podcast. Auf Englisch. Für Dich und meine Kunden.

(mehr …)