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25. März 2016

How have you been? How was your week? It’s been a while since my last Link Love post, I know. If you’ve ever had a kid (or two) sick with the flu, you’ll get an idea of how the first half of March looked like for me. Hours and days on the couch, reading books, taking the temperature, cuddling, watching TV, making sure that everyone stays hydrated. But as soon as the kids were feeling better, I have been so busy writing, posting, teaching, talking, drinking coffee, reading, thinking, and browsing the internet, of course. So today I have another round of my favorite links from around the web for you! Enjoy and have a sunny long Easter weekend!

link love

1 – Very cute last-minute Easter freebies to print at home.

2 – Time to get rid of the excess of toys and say no to birthday parties – for our kids‘ sake (via momadvice).

3 – Why parents should consider the potential reach and the longevity of digital information when they post something about their kids.

4 – These shoes are amazing, even my strange beautiful feet love them.

5 – A must-read for any expat with our without kids.

Before I send you off to your Easter celebrations, I would like to thank you for all your kind words, virtual hugs and comments on my most recent post! This really means the world to me – thank you!

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