On Fridays I usually do not only post a new edition of The Weekend Files, but I also participate in the #wfmsayitselfie challenge on Instagram (organized by Claudi of wasfuermich.de). Three questions, three selfies, three answers. It’s a lot of fun! Now that I’m improving my selfie skills… So if you want to get to know me a little bet better, head over to my Instagram account. And why not take a few selfies over the weekend and join the fun! I’ll see you there.

The Weekend Files

1 – On returning back to Germany after three years in California. Great post!

2 – This shirt brings back childhood memories.

3 – Everybody is listening to podcasts. Are you? Here is a list of female podcasters I want to check out.

4 – Only yesterday did I compliment another mom on her beautiful dress. She accepted the compliment with a big smile and a Thank you. Would I do the same back in Germany? And what kind of reaction was I to expect? Read this article on complimenting in Germany (in German).

5 – Tearing up while listening to this talk. This is why I love interviewing people! On my To-Do-List: an interview with my 5-year-old daughter.

And last but not least something completely unrelated: I’m looking for a good book on potty training for a 2-year-old. Any suggestions???