I’ve been making ice cream: blackberry-mascarpone, vanilla-peach with a hint of sour creme, next in line is this strawberry ricotta recipe. So delicious and the best way to end a hot and humid day! What about you: Are you indulging in home-made ice cream? What’s your favorite flavor / recipe? Would you like to share your recommendations? Enjoy your weekend! And make time for some cool and sweat treats this weekend…

The Weekend Files ice cream

1 –  Don’t say you’re sorry if you are not – why women apologize too much.

2 – Have you ever wondered why the American South is so different to the rest of the country? Here are some interesting explanations.

3 – This really cute plate caught my eye on Instagram. And their online shop offers so much more! Now I’m wishing that my credit card would no longer be on vacation… (via @krisztinap)

4 – How long does it take to feel at home again? A month, a year, several years? Or never?

5 – A new podcast I discovered last week.

Last but not least (and sorry for repeating myself!): The German news website stern.de does not only have a new look, but also introduced a new series about expat families: Wenn Familien auswandern. Most of you may have read my interview already, but there is more, such as this interview about family life in Istanbul. I’ll keep you updated on future interviews.

Have a good one!