Farewell and birthday parties, fall family pictures, visitors from Germany, final soccer practice, backyard BBQs, brunch date, Sunday market stroll – what a fun-packed weekend ahead of us! So I’ll make it quick today with The Weekend Files and my favorite weekly links from around the world-wide web. Have a fun fall weekend, wherever you are in the world!

The Weekend Files

1 – Last week I came across this beautiful post (from 2014) about motherhood and The Ache.

2 – When kids learn about different skin colors.

3 – I’ve been wanting to order this for my really dry skin, now that the nights are getting colder. My little one already complained about being too cold at night, because his Mommy refuses to turn on the heating…

4 – Have you started thinking about Christmas shopping? If you have (or haven’t), I’m sure you’ll appreciate this gift guide. And this. And this. And this online shop for the kiddos. I’ll share more gift guides on my Facebook page during the next couple of weeks!

5 – A (secret) community art project. Interesting!

Here are two more links that I just came across before I wanted to hit “publish” and that I really wanted to share with you: best life advice and a natural cold and flu remedy for all ages (I always add a splash of cinnamon!).

I’m really excited about next week and a brand-new expat interview / guest post! Make sure to come back here. Or never ever miss a post by subscribing to my blog and getting new content directly delivered to your inbox! Have a great weekend!