Sometimes, it’s really quiet here on the blog. But that does not mean that my life is quiet! On the contrary. Whenever the blog is resting, life is kind of crazy. I always try to capture these crazy, wonderful, funny daily bits and pieces with my phone. And I often post them on Instagram! It’s such an easy way to create, remember and share memories. 

visual meet-up instagram

But Instagram is not only a great way to share memories and practise your photography skills. I always find loads of inspiration, get behind-the-scenes looks from my favorite bloggers or learn first-hand about new product releases from small brands. But most importantly I’m meeting many like-minded people – who might even become real friends if I’ll ever meet them in real life!

What hasn’t really happened (yet) is that I connect with old, real-life friends on Instagram.

Which leads me to a cultural difference between my American and my German friends: While my American friends are really active, not always on Instagram, but on Facebook, for example, and allow you to participate in their personal life, my friends from Germany are way more secretive. Some of them are not on Facebook. Others have a Facebook account, but only post once a year when they say “thank you” for all the birthday wishes that had been posted to their timeline (I’m always wondering: what do they do with their account for the rest of the year???). And only a handful post, comment and share on a regular basis. On Instagram, I only have three German friends that I also know in real life (hey Sarah, Rina and Tati!). So today, I would like to invite you to join me on Instagram. Awake your creative side, put those pictures on your phone to use, and help Germany to take the first step out of the Social Media Stone Age (am I exaggerating here? Not sure!).

So – do you want to know what you are missing out on?


Now head over to Instagram, create an account (private if you are German – just kidding!), connect with me (my Instagram handle is @tina_busch) and start posting! And if you don’t have any pictures to post, you could always participate in the weekly #wfmsayitselfie challenge. See you there!